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Restorer/ Restoration

Our work pieces are museum pieces and documents made before the 1810s of paper and leather, books, maps, engravings, and beside facsimile graphics also sheets that were made by unique manual graphic techniques.  

We are dealing with unique archive documents, manuscripts, charters and fragments, too. The conservation of photographs and applied art objects is another important activity of ours.

The basis of our work is the principle of interfering as little as possible. We use materials which are natural, tried and of proof. The usage of chemicals is moderate and well-thought-out in our workshop for respecting the restored documents and being conscious of the environment.

Books are museum pieces that people use and hold in their hands. We choose the materials, techniques and methods of the original fabrication provided this is possible.

In all cases we discuss with the clients and experts what are the advantages and disadvantages of restoration and whether there are any opportunities for research. We recreate the documents in such a way that their original values are maintained in order to be recognisable for experts – even after several decades. 

Beside preventive conservation, we provide counselling in connection with art object protection. We not only restore the documents, but also advise on the pieces that are returned to the collection in a good condition, or we even make suggestions in connection with the complete collection. Good solutions have their effects without continuous presence, in a passive way.  Our suggestions are concerned with the circumstances of storage, exhibition, packing, dust-control and transportation while also paying attention to the given possibilities and the required results.

Our condition survey covers all the details, the preliminary bid is thorough, the work is professional, the results follow the client’s expectations, and thus we guarantee the security of the client.


Kovács Péter 

Curriculum Vitae

1994-1998 Temesvári Pelbárt Franciscan Grammar School, Esztergom
1998-2000 Tótfalusi Kis Miklós Typographical Technical College – Manual Bookbinder
2001-2004 National Széchényi Library - Restorer Training College / Library Institute – Book and paper restorer
2001- (2008) Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Master of Industrial and Product Design
2005. ICCROM (together with the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest) – Gilder course
(Glossy and matt gilding of organic materials)

2007 (2008) Leather restorer – professional training (special aspects – under accreditation)

2003-2004 Heller Farkas Scholarship
2005 Department of Ergonomics and Psychology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Demonstrator

1998 Technical Association of the Paper and Printing Industry (PNyME, Hungary)

2003 ICCROM Hungarian National Committee


International Symposium, Budapest – 25-27 May 2005

International Association of Book and Paper Conservators (IADA)
Technical Association of the Paper and Printing Industry (PNyME, Hungary)