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Our work pieces are museum pieces and documents made before the 1810s of paper and leather, books, maps, engravings, and beside facsimile graphics also sheets that were made by unique manual graphic techniques.  

Danube Museum – Esztergom
- Danubius Pannonico-Mysicus Album, (Parts of the Danube in Pannonia and Serbia) It was published in 1726 in Amsterdam. It contains 6 volumes which introduce the geography, hydrogeology, minerals, and species of fish and birds of the Danube riverside. This is the most beautiful book about the river Danube written so far. Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, its Italian author was a hero of the war of liberation against the Turks between 1683 and 1699. Its counterpart was published by the Danube Museum in 2004 under the title The Discovery of the Danube (A Duna fölfedezése).
- Cleansing of vellum bindings and preventive conservation of the complete book collection (2005)
Some interesting ones:
- BUCCLINI, R. P. F. Germaniae Provinciavum E. (Francofurti, 1664) – identifier: A2828
- BECHAMB (bound into vellum codex sheet) - identifier: A3497
- BÉL, Mátyás: Hungariae Antiquae novae Prodromus (Norimbegaue, 1723) special binding laced on vellum string – identifier: D 1880
- Theatri Machinarus Hydraulicarum (Tomus I.- II.) – complete restoration of a half-leather binding (2006) - identifier: D 3437
- Monumenta hungarica, Rumy Károly György. (editor) 2. edition, 3 volumes, Pest, 1816
- The complete survey of the painting collection and the restoration of the 5-6 % of it in the last years
- Restoration of maps and unique scheme sheets which are regarded as manuscripts

II. Mayor’s Office Esztergom Town
Restoration of books about Esztergom in half-leather and half- or complete canvas binding (18th-20th cent.) for the Baroque bookshelves of the mayor’s saloon

III. Balassa Bálint Museum, Esztergom
Half-leather binding, from the beginning of 19th century, private donation

IV. Hungarian Benedictine Congregation, Arch abbey of Pannonhalma, Painting and Photo Collection
Conservation and preventive works, making of cases, counselling
Restoration of silhouettes and paper paintings from the 17th-19th centuries

V. Hungarian Franciscan Library and Archives
Hungarian Franciscan Library, Relic Library of Buda and Relic Library of Szécsény (exhibition in the Abbey of Szécsény, Rákóczi exhibition on the 300. anniversary of the Parliament in Szécsény – restoration of letters and passport of Rákóczi, 2005)

VI. National Széchényi Library
Vellum charters, broadsheets
Antiquities, complete vellum bindings of panels, complete and half-leather bindings